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Faculty Where Are They Now
Abbott, Dr. Jerry Bonner Springs-School Administration
Alexander, Connie Lives in Kansas City, KS
Alpaugh, Donald Teaches at Blue Valley West
Athey, Charles Retired
Avery, Geraldine Lives in this area
Azmira, Linda Unknown
Berry, Cherie Unknown
Bockleman, Patricia Retired, lives in area
Bonar, Vern Retired, lives here and Tuscon, AZ
Bone, Norma Retired, lives in area
Bosley, Fred Retired, lives in Trenton, MO
Brantman, Greg Still teaches at SMN
Breese, Bill Deceased
Caldwell, Kenneth Lives in Olathe
Chapman, Jim Retired, lives in area
Clark, Jim Unknown
Clipner, Dr. Bob Deceased
Cochran, Maxine Retired, lives in area
Coker, Tom Retired, lives in area
Cornwell, Bill Deceased
Daugherty, Jean Unknown
Davis, Steve Retired, lives in Dallas, TX
Eckhoff, Susan Retired, lives in Lawrence area
Eley, A.C. Retired, lives here
Fernetti, AL Deceased
Foreman, Fred Retired, lives in South Dakota
Frank, Eva Retired, lives in area
Frye, Kenneth Retired, lives in Colorado Springs, CO
Gardner, Edna Retired, lives in Arkansas
Gerken, Leonard Retired, lives in area
Gish, Merlin Deceased
Gloshen, BIll Deceased
Hallman, Ed Deceased
Hannah, Mark Works in construction industry
Hanson, Jim Teaches Shawnee Mission West
Hanson, Vicki Teaches in Bonner Springs
Haubein, Ted Retired, lives in area
Healy, Don Deceased
Helmbacher, Kathy Unknown
Herrin, Bob Lives in California
Hess, Harlan Retired, lives in Pittsburg and Austin, TX
Hobbs, Donna Still teaches at SMN
Holland, Lori Unknown
Hollembeak, Jerry Last known to be working in Spring Hill
Hoyt, Pat Cooper Lives in Shawnee
James, Bob Unknown
Jeter, Carolyn Retired, teaches at JCCC
Johnson, Dorothy Lives in the area
Kavanough, Diane Unknown
Kelly, Cindy Unknown
Knapp, Roy Deceased (3/05)
Krebs (Cline), Susan Last known living in West Virginia
Krueger, John Principal, Oak Park High School
Latta, Col. Unknown
Levin, Welbur Retired, lives in area
Lewis, Don Lives in Tennessee
Lungrin, Larry Works in Bonner Springs schools
Malaise, Dale Retired, lives in Louisburg
Means, Bill Retired, lives in area
Moore, Robert Lives in Independence, MO
Morely, Miles Still teaches at SMN
Oden, Judy Retired, lives in area
Paugh, Dwain Retired, lives in area
Pennington (McCready), Joanne Retired, lives in area
Phillips, Bob Retired, lives in area
Pickernell, Jim Counselor at Shawnee Mission South
Porter, Enola Retired, lives here and New Mexico
Reichardt, Floyd Retired, lives in Augusta, KS
Robertson, Frank Still teaches at SMN
Rodabaugh, Paul Lives in area
Roth, Harry Retired, lives in area
Sanderson, Goulding Retired, lives in Newton, KS
Schartz, Clark Retired, lives in area
Schneider, Alvin Retired, lives in KC, MO
Schuelke, Lorrine Deceased
Seamen, Maribeth Unknown
Sharts, Forrest Retired, lives in Florida
Shular, Felix Retired, lives in Arcadia, KS
Simmons (Bolas), Murlene Retired
Smith, Karen Teaches at Shawnee Mission South
Sparke, John Retired, traveling man
Spillman, Pat Deceased (3/05)
Stafford, Harold Retired, lives in area
Stauffer, Robert Retired, lives in Chepita Park, CO
Stine, Rosetta Deceased
Sutter, Yvonne Lives in area
Taylor, Larry Retired, lives in area
Vandergriff, Jim Lives in DeSoto area
Wagner, Bernadette Retired, lives in area
Wallingford, Darrell Lives in Arkansas
Welch, Gertrude Deceased
West, Don Retired, lives in area
Wheaton, Glenn Retired, lives in area
Wilson, Don Retired, lives in Lake Quivira
Wingate, Lyle Retired, lives in area
Yessich, Beverly Deceased
Young, Paul Retired, lives in area

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