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| February 22, 2015 | 5 Replies
CandleOur classmates that are deceased as of 2015:

Please take a moment to look at those that have passed since 1975. If you have a fond remembrance or funny story about them, please email it to us at  We would like to honor those that are gone by giving these written remembrances to their families.  If you have any family contact information for them please include in the email.

Mike Alexander

Kent Archer

Art Benson

Gary Bell

Lori June Brady

Linda Clark Lheaureaux

Michael Clevenger

Justin Crisp

Paul Cunard

Bill Eppler

James Frost

Leah Gapp

Donna Greene

Steve Kearns

David Kempter

Henry Dale Koch

Steve Laterra

Bryan B. Lillich

Joel Maddox

Mike McDonald

Cindy McGrath Richards

Lane Case McMurray

Doug Miller

Curtis Moore

Patrick D. O’Connell

Dorthe Munkholm Olesen

Mary Ellen O’Malley

Richard Gary Owens

James Peterson

Jeff Pike

Alan Scarboro

Susan Shumate

Theresa Venn

Bill Westfall

Kathryn Williams

Victoria Wise


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  1. Bill says:

    I noticed that Donna Greene’s name was misspelled. Would it be possible to correct it?

  2. Nancy Bolfeta Todd says:

    Victoria (Tori) Wise is alive and well. She plans to come tomorrow night!

  3. Sharon Grandgenett Edwards says:

    Donna Green is alive and well! She’s one of my FB friends.

  4. Deb Linder says:

    Bill Westall name is not Westfall. Could it be corrected? Thank you.

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