Missing Classmates

| June 25, 2015 | 16 Replies

Help us find our classmates!    These names are being provided by many classmates so we apologize if you aren’t missing and for any misspelling of names.

This list is a work in progress:

William Arnold.                                   Ralph Heist.                         James Lasley.          Melanie Ross

Pamela Barnard Ponder.                                                                    Tim Leary.               Mike Sanders

Phillip Bonds.                                       Brian Hellmer.                     David Lee.               Robyn Sanders

Stacy Brogdon.                                     Patricia Hickam.                 Gary L’Heureux.      Jamie Santiago

Kimberly Collins.                                 Mark Higginbotham.         Catherine Lindquist

Charlotte Courtney Hackett.             Christi Hill.                           Michael Lorenz.     Carol Scott Hogson

Fermin Davalos.                                   Michael Hill.                        Carol Lyle.               Frances Scrivo

George Dineen.                                     Diane Hoesch.                     Tina Martin.           Grant Seybert

Cheryl Dowd.                                       Ann Houchens.                     Marilyn Matthews      Glen Sharp

Janet Dutton.                                       Daniel Houston.                  Tim Maxon.              Jamie Sharp

                                                                David Hovis.                        Mike McCorkle.        Scott Shepard

                                                                 Robert Howard.                  Mike McDonald.      Linda Shirley

Rodney Fritson.                                    Gerald Huhs.                       Jane McFall.             Cathy Shugart

Sheryl Garner.                                       Kevin Huhs.                        Bill McGowan.          Terry Sinn

Dennis Garvin.                                      Fred Hund.                          Colleen McKeone.     Kathryn Smith

Sherry Gates.                                         James Hurd.                       Charles Miller.           Debbie Snyder

Ray Gilbert.                                            Nassar Issa.                         Dale Miller                 Denny Soto

Susanna Gonzales.                               Lori Jackson.                      Gary Moen.                  Dianna Stettnisch

Kathy Gorman.                                      Marsha Jenning.               Kris Moore.                Leslie Stoker

 Carol Gourley.                                     Michelle Jewitt.                  Regina Morgan.         Eric Strickler

Michael Gray.                                        David Johnson.                  Robbie Mount.          Teresa Taber

Ray Green.                                             James Johnston.               Kathleen Mullican.    Carrie Taylor

Alan Grignon.                                       Paul Johnson.                     Sara Murphy.             Steven Thomas

James Guilinger.                                 Lawrence Jones.                 Rick Nelson.               Gregory Todd

Jim Gundlefinger.                               Linda Jones.                        Kathy Patrick.           Mark Tracy

Brad Halfpap.                                       Stephen Jones.                  Doug Pile.                    Angela Tracz

Janet Hamlin Winters.                       Chris Katzer.                      James Pittman.          Janice Valentine

Donna Hardesty.                                  Mike Kelly.                        Mary Plomondon.      John VanKeppel

Cynthia Hare.                                       Kerry Kinkead.                  Cheryl Rhodes.          Delores Vanzant

Brian Harris.                                         Jerome Knox.                    Nancy Robertson.      Michael Vermillion

Dennis Harris.                                     Debra Kohake.                   Rick Rogers.               Jack Vincent

Sonja Harris.                                        Karen Lane.                        Jo Roland.                  Diana Vits

Ron Haynes                                          Larry Mike Langel.            Benjamin Roper.       Alan Walker

Owenita Hays.                                      David Langley.                   James Roper.            Russell Watson

 Ann Weber.                                         Jack Weinrich.                   Janna Wells.              Stephen West

Kelli White.                                          Lisa White.                         Sharon Whitney.        Barbara Wilson

David Wilson.                                      Victoria Wise.                    Craig Woolery.         Connie Worthington

Steve Zeigler.                                      Jim Zimmerman.               Kevin Zwart

Jack Pajer.                                           Charles Seward

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  1. Denise Hower Everhart says:

    I am married to Craig Everhart – just found out today about the reunion plans – would you give me a call on my cell 913-709-3794
    I also know where Eunice France is located

  2. Marcia Hellman says:

    I am not missing. Been right here for 30+ years. Now Marcia Perkins
    Marcia Hellman (Perkins)
    8916 Lamar Ave
    Overland Park, KS

    • Blessing says:

      The genius store caedll, they’re running out of you.

    • toc toc….volevo dirti che da Stella è pronto il pdf del Salutiamoci di maggio: fave e piselli. Sei pronta ora per partecipare a giugno? Ti aspettiamo

    • “I’m glad to see Republicans running an honest campaign for a change.” So, you think when Republicans “mock her proposals, utter her name with a sneer, say her ideas are un-American” that that is an ‘honest’ campaign. I am totally confused. I’ve been reading this blog for about three years and thought you were an intelligent person. But this is about as ignorant as you can get.

  3. Dave Smith says:

    I too just found out. Mailing check on the 6th. This comment may be inappropriate as I do not think that I was considered missing, nor may it be a forum to express remittances… Oh well, I did it anyway.

    • Martha Dunlop Wenzel says:

      Last reunion there were a number of people who stayed at the Sheraton on the Plaza. Is anything like that happening this time?

      • kstegeman says:

        Hi Martha!
        We did not make any hotel accommodations this time. We have listed hotels in the area however.

      • Tim B says:

        some going to Lucky Brewgrille at 6 for pre-reunion eats and drinks. Didn’t have nayones cell number so trying this reply. Hopefully you get it. my cell 702-348-8844. Tim

  4. Not lost but not found…

    8305 Turtleback Court
    McKinney, TX 75070

  5. Mary Jo Black (Krumm) says:

    Debbie Zollars is now Deborah Linder. She is on Facebook.

  6. kelli white-wheeles says:

    Not missing. Living in sunny central florida

    • John Ballou says:

      Kelli could I get your phone# and email for our records we will not share with anyone Thanks John Ballou

  7. Carol (Gourley) Russell says:

    I, too, am not missing. I did send an email about 2 weeks ago stating the same.
    I am also looking forward to seeing many of you tomorrow.

  8. Nancy Bolfeta Todd says:

    Diana Vits Peters is living in St. Louis! She plans to be there tomorrow night!

  9. Kerri Murphy says:

    I want to let everyone know that my Husband, Bruce Murphy, died Sept. 1, 2013 from a 2 year battle with lung cancer. We lived and I continue to live in Southern California.

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